Norma Chocolate Museum

chocolate museum

The Chocolate Museum of Norma , in the province of Latina not far from Rome , is a unique museum that tells the story of food universally considered more “greedy”.

History of the Chocolate Museum

The history of the Norma Chocolate Museum (LT) begins in 1956 , when the first “Antica Norba” artisan bakery was opened .
Subsequently, the project developed focusing exclusively on chocolate, which has become the main company business. “Antica Norba” has therefore consolidated its presence in the area with the opening, in 1995 , of the first Chocolate Museum in Italy . An activity of over twenty thousand visitors a year .

museo norma cioccolato latina

In recent years there has also been a strong corporate development in the sector of healthy, natural and organic products. This has been possible thanks to the prestigious collaboration with universities and with the Foundation for the Study of Food and Nutrition. FoodUpItaly
was therefore recently created , the new brand that goes beyond the classic tradition dedicated to chocolate alone, projecting itself decidedly towards a more international dimension.

What you will find in the Chocolate Museum

In the Chocolate museum you can first of all experience a real historical journey that starts from the Mayan civilization , when chocolate was considered “The drink of the Gods”. Subsequently, with Christopher Columbus , chocolate arrives in Europe as an exclusive drink of the Imperial Courts, to then find popular diffusion at the end of the last century

You will find highlighted all the phases that from the plant known as “theobroma cacao” led gradually to the processing of chocolate . Plantation, harvesting, fermentation, drying and roasting are explained in detail with scrupulous abundance of details through “tasty” settings.

museo cioccolato

There will also be curiosities related to chocolate. For example, you will find several old advertising prints and old packaging , or interesting collections of antique scales and chocolatiers .
All items patiently and carefully researched throughout Europe.

Through a glass room it is then possible to admire the reconstruction with original machines of an Ancient Chocolate Factory .

Inside the museum there is a shop area where you can buy the many tasty products.

The Chocolate School

A special room has been assigned to the Chocolate School. Here the “direct processing” of the product takes place and production and processing demonstrations take place . Children can make their own tablet and take it home.
The optional service must be booked in advance for groups of 20 people minimum , lasting about 30 minutes at a cost of € 5.00 per person.
The area is also used for short chocolate and pastry courses.

museo cioccolato norma


  • Adults: € 6.00
  • Disabled: free

Groups of at least 10 people pay a reduced ticket cost.

Address Chocolate Museum “Antica Norba”

Via Capo dell’Acqua, 20
04010 Norma (LT) – ITALY
at DOL.CIPP srl Confectionery Industry

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Once you have visited the Chocolate Museum, always in the province of Latina there is the “Piana delle Orme Museum” , another special place that we advise you not to miss!

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