Riviera of flowers, a seasonless beauty

riviera of flowers

The Riviera dei Fiori in Liguria

The Riviera and Riviera dei Fiori is a beauty no season because you can find out from different points of view.

It is located a stone’s throw from the major cities of northern Italy and mittleEuropa. It has the sea in front of it and has a splendid hinterland to visit even in the “non-sea” season. For this reason, the region is perfect both for summer holidays and in the low season and winter. It offers sunny days and a temperate climate.

The Riviera and the Riviera dei Fiori is one of the most romantic destinations of Italy. Perched and overlooking the sea, the towns that are part of the Riviera de Fiori offer clean sea, alpine mountains, historic cities and flowers all year round. The fields of giant olive trees that outline the profile are splendid.

The Riviera dei Fiori is that wonderful portion of the Ligurian coast located in the province of Imperia and included in the Riviera di Ponente. Its beauty was also sung by Eugenio Montale and is the ideal destination for those who not only want to enjoy beach life, but also want to explore the mountains.

Helpful tips

Two suggestions of unmissable itineraries to experience the Riviera de fiori. A seasonless beauty.

  • Diano Castello and Dolcedo, medieval town full of olive groves and German tourists.
  • Bordighera , where you can admire a wonderful, opulent and Mediterranean flora. Do not miss the wine shop of the covered market to stock up on the excellent local wines (Rossese, Pigato, Vermentino).
  • Pigna , spa and artistic center of international appeal.
  • Dolceacqua, medieval city with Castello dei Doria, which can be accessed by crossing a spectacular bridge over the Nervia river.
  • Apricale , city of artists, among the most beautiful villages in Italy, known above all for the castle of the Lizard.


Among the main tourist resorts of the Riviera dei Fiori is Sanremo. A wonderful town, kissed by a mild and sunny climate for most of the year. Absolutely to visit, the Kasbah, the old city with its alleys and its houses attached to each other where time has stopped. The Via Matteotti known as “La Vasca” is very famous, the long pedestrian street that houses the Ariston Theater. It is the main and most chic street of Sanremo, the one where international high-level shopping is concentrated.

We all refer to Sanremo as the City of Flowers , but why is Sanremo called the City of Flowers?

“The City of Flowers”

The name “City of Flowers” derives from the splendid and famous cultivations of carnations, roses and ornamental greenery that have made the Ligurian town famous throughout the Italian peninsula. The cultivation of flowers in Liguria is due to the writer exiled from France, Alphonse Karr, who successfully exported flower seeds around the world and thus formed the economy of the region. Colors and scents that still enrich the Golden Hall of the Musikverein of the Austrian capital, on the occasion of the famous New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

The flowers grown in Sanremo and throughout the Riviera dei Fiori are exported all over the world. Respect for the environment, elegant refinement, obsessive attention and the high quality of the flowers and plants that decorate the suggestive Ligurian location are just some of the reasons that allow Sanremo to be known and appreciated all over the world. The City of Flowers is, in fact, characterized by a rich cultural and floristic heritage, underlined by a wonderful Mediterranean landscape, where crystalline sea, steep cliffs and alpine mountains merge in harmony.

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