The Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand

Coromandel Peninsula New Zealand

The New Zealand is a beautiful country, full of wild and unspoiled landscapes, cliffs, forests and an endless and wonderful blue sky.
Those who love “on the road” trips and strong emotions will only love New Zealand , considering the vastness of the territory and the beauty of its places. Moreover, in such a place, it would be almost a shame to remain too still in one place.

The Coromandel peninsula

Therefore, if you want to jump into this wonderful adventure, among the most fascinating areas of the country we recommend the Coromandel Peninsula , in the North Island. There are in fact the most well-known and picturesque New Zealand coasts.
If you take the road that starts from the city of Thomas , you will travel the entire east coast, meeting wonderful bays and rocky headlands.If the 400 kilometers of pristine coasts are a paradise for kayak enthusiasts , the interior of the peninsula is perfect for trekking , the forests are crossed by equipped paths, which often emerge in front of old gold mines (some can be visited).

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The cities of Whitianga and Hahei

On the east coast of the Coromandel peninsula. considered the most suggestive, the city ​​of Whitianga is located at the bottom of a well-sheltered bay. It is perfect as a base for your tour. Also in its shops you can find some local handicrafts or you can book a boat tour to fish offshore.
Also along the coast, the city ​​of Hahei is worth a visit , the ideal point if you love scuba diving. The sea in front of the town is a protected marine reserve , therefore it is particularly rich in fish.

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The great cinema in Coromandel

Many fantasy films have been shot in New Zealand . In particular, the Coromandel peninsula was chosen to shoot some scenes from ” The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian “.
Mercury Bay
, on the Coromandel peninsula, is the point where the Pevensie brothers return to Narnia , along with the beautiful Cathedral Cove beach, the most famous of the peninsula, on the east bank of the peninsula.
Anna Popplewell, the actress who plays Susan Pevensie, said: “ the water stands out so clearly that the public does not believe it is real water. It seems to be rather an optical illusion created in post-production “.

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