Italy in miniature in Capriate

italy in miniature capriate

An ideal trip for children is a visit to the Capriate miniature Italy park , which over the years has become an amusement park with games and attractions of the same level as Gardaland. For this reason the park is now called Minitalia Leolandia Park . We also told you about it here on the occasion of the 40 years of the structure.
It is located at the Capriate exit on the A4 Turin-Venice highway, in the province of Bergamo.

The many beauties of Minitalia Park

Italy in miniature is very beautiful and well-kept, it has been recently restored with the introduction of many new features. For example, you will find several statues positioned in various areas, which tell of the characteristics and history of the various monuments and regions; real special guides along the minitalia route.
They are statues representing life-size illustrious characters , representative of the different places of the country: from Christopher Columbus to Domenico Modugno, passing through Julius Caesar .

Italia Miniatura Capriate Leolandia

Small curiosity: only the Vatican made Rome, there is nothing of the other important monuments, not even a small Colosseum ! And then why the Vatican, which is also formally a foreign state and not Italy? Strange but true. At that point San Marino should also have been included.

Italia Miniatura Capriate Leolandia

Also inside the park you can then visit the farm with many animals, the aquarium, the reptile house and the Leonardo museum. The LEOLANDIA area is instead dedicated to fun with shows and attractions especially for children up to 14 years. We recommend entering early in the morning to avoid queues and if possible bring food; at lunchtime you have to queue to buy anything!
In this sense, the organization of American DisneyWorld parks is another matter entirely . They are better at managing the flows of people, thus improving the quality of the day for their visitors. From this point of view we Italians still have a lot to learn, given the many sly people who climb over the queues.

Italia Miniatura Capriate Leolandia - Giostre

Ah, in closing a nice little note: In Leolandia they are really optimistic! There is already a bridge over the Strait of Messina… !?

Italia Miniatura Capriate Leolandia

A video shot inside Leolandia

Beautiful, is not it? then run to visit it, Italy in Miniature of Capriate – Leolandia is located here

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